Rapid Test

Combos_img_00Multianalyte testing.

· Easy-to-use and interpret in several strip tests

· Intended for one use

· Rapid diagnostic tool, no need of laboratory equipment

· Specimen collection by using solely one collection vial

· Minimize number of test handling

· 2 minutes specime preparation

· Minimize risk of error in result interpretation

Immunochromatographic tests are based on the immunological capture of a colored colloid when passing through a membrane. Over this membrane has been immobilized one antibody or antigen.

It is a fast, simple, reliable and easy-interpretation process.

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DescriptionSpecimen TypeMethodDetailsInstructions
S. pneumoniaeUrineLateral flow
LegionellaUrineLateral flow
DescriptionSpecimen TypeMethodDetailsInstructions
RotavirusFaecalLateral Flow
AdenovirusFaecalLateral Flow
AstrovirusFaecalLateral Flow
NorovirusFecalLateral flow
EnterovirusFaecalLateral Flow
Hepatitis A (HAV)FaecalLateral Flow
Helicobacter pyloriFaecalLateral Flow
Clostridium difficile antigen GDHFaecalLateral Flow
Escherichia coli O157:H7FaecalLateral Flow
CampylobacterFaecalLateral Flow
SalmonellaFaecalLateral Flow
Salmonella typhiFaecalLateral Flow
Salmonella paratyphiFaecalLateral Flow
ListeriaFaecalLateral Flow
ShigellaFaecalLateral Flow
Shigella dysenteriaeFaecalLateral Flow
Yersinia enterocolitica O:3FaecalLateral Flow
Yersinia enterocolitica O:9FaecalLateral Flow
Cryptosporidium parvum (Crypto)FaecalLateral Flow
Giardia lamblia (Giardia)FaecalLateral Flow
EntamoebaFaecalLateral Flow
DescriptionSpecimen TypeMethodDetailsInstructions
Influenza ARespiratoryLateral Flow
RSVRespiratoryLateral Flow
Influenza A + B + RSVRespiratoryLateral Flow
Adenovirus Resp.RespiratoryLateral Flow
Strep ARespiratoryLateral Flow
DescriptionSpecimen TypeMethodDetailsInstructions
Hemoglobin (FOB)FaecalLateral Flow
LactoferrinFaecalLateral Flow
CalprotectinFaecalLateral Flow
DescriptionSpecimen TypeMethodDetailsInstructions
Quad Cards
FOB + Transferrin + Calprotectin + LactoferrinFaecalLateral Flow
Rotavirus + Adenovirus + Astrovirus + NorovirusFaecalLateral Flow
Influenza A + Influenza B + RSV + Adenovirus Resp.RespiratoryLateral Flow
GDH + Toxin A + Toxin B + LactoferrinFaecalLateral Flow
Combo Cards
S. pneumoniae + LegionellaUrineLateral Flow
Rotavirus + Norovirus GI/GIIFaecalLateral Flow
Rotavirus + AdenovirusFaecalLateral Flow
Norovirus GI + Norovirus GIIFaecalLateral Flow
H. pylori + TransferrinFaecalLateral Flow
Clostridium difficile GDH + LactoferrinFaecalLateral Flow
Clostridium difficile Toxin A + BFaecalLateral Flow
EHEC VT1 + VT2FaecalLateral Flow
Salmonella typhi + paratyphiFaecalLateral Flow
Shigella dysenteriae + ShigatoxinFaecalLateral Flow
Yersinia enterocolitica O:3 + O:9FaecalLateral Flow
Crypto + GiardiaFaecalLateral Flow
FOB + TransferrinFaecalLateral Flow
FOB 50 + 200FaecalLateral Flow
Calprotectin 50 + 200FaecalLateral Flow
Calprotectin + LactoferrinFaecalLateral Flow
RSV + Adenovirus Resp.RespiratoryLateral Flow
Influenza A + Influenza BRespiratoryLateral Flow
Triple Cards
Rotavirus + Adenovirus + AstrovirusFaecalLateral flow
Rotavirus + Adenovirus + NorovirusFaecalLateral Flow
Rotavirus + Norovirus GI + Norovirus GIIFaecalLateral Flow
Clostridium difficile GDH + Toxin A + Toxin BFaecalLateral Flow
Crypto + Giardia + EntamoebaFaecalLateral Flow
E. coli 0157 + VT1 + VT2FaecalLateral flow
Influenza A + B + RSVRespiratoryLateral Flow