We continue our monthly calendar, this time dedicated, with permission of the coronavirus, to the FOB & TRANSFERRIN markers.

Fecal occult blood tests -FOB- are found in the diagnosis of colonic neoplasms, such as cancer in its initial phase and some adenomatous polyps. Colorectal cancer is also associated with an acute and local inflammatory reaction that in some cases can be determined by detecting neutrophils.

Colorectal cancer is the second leading cause of disease and death in the western world.

Hemoglobin is a protein present in red blood cells that contains iron and whose function is the transport of oxygen in all vertebrates. It can be released in the gastrointestinal tract and eliminated in the faeces in diseases associated with intestinal bleeding.

Transferrin is a blood-derived component that can reach the gastrointestinal tract and be eliminated through the faeces, caused by some gastrointestinal diseases with blood loss. It is stable in feces and is a good marker for detecting blood loss in the upper and lower part of the intestine (in gastrointestinal bleeding).

Certest has several FOB and Transferrin tests, through the Rapid Test and Turbilatex families:

Certest Turbilatex:

Certest Rapid Test:


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