Bowel cancer screening is a useful preventive measure for the diagnosis of preneoplastic lesions (polyps) and for the detection of invasive neoplasms in early stages.

Colorectal cancer is the second leading cause of illness and death in Western world. The screening with faecal occult blood tests is based on the concept that important target colonic neoplasm, such as early-stage cancer and large adenomatous polyps. Colorectal cancer is also associated with local acute inflammatory reaction being visualized, in some cases, by white cell neutrophil scanning. Haemoglobin is the iron-containing oxygen-transport protein in the red blood cells of all vertebrates that may be leaked into gastrointestinal tract and then discharged with the faeces in gastrointestinal bleeding diseases.

When gastrointestinal blood is lost, the stool will contain a combination of intact or nearly intact haemoglobin, intact heme and heme-derived porphyrins in amounts that depend on the site and amount of bleeding and the transit time through the gut.

Available test for the FOB detection:

  • Rapid Test:

Hemoglobin (FOB)

  • Turbilatex:

FOB Turbilatex 

  • bioSCIENCE:

MT-16F22 Anti-Haemoglobin Mab (clone F22) (x1mg)

MT-16F52Anti-Haemoglobin Mab (clone F52) (x1mg)

MT-29HHBHuman Haemoglobin protein (native extract) (x1mg)