Óscar Landeta was chosen as “best entrepreneur” among 300 applicants. This prestigious recognition is driven by the supermarket chain Mercadona.


The founder and CEO of Certest Biotec, S.L., Óscar Landeta, will receive the “Entrepreneur” category prize after the summer. This prize recognizes institutions and researchers who fight cancer or sudden death, and scientists and entrepreneurs for their work in the field of optics, the diagnosis of diseases or the effects of climate change. The winners, chosen by a jury which includes 21 Nobel Prize winners were announced by the chief executive of the Rey Jaime I Awards Foundation, Santiago Grisolía.

Landeta has placed more than 300 applicants. As he says “This prize is a recognition and I’m so proud to move forward.” The jury remarked that Certest Biotec “develops the entire cycle, from R&D to implementation and marketing in international markets.”

Certest Biotec is dedicated to the development and manufacturing of IVD products in human, veterinary and Ari-food clinical field. It currently has 70 employees and nearly seven million euros in turnover, thanks to the sales in more than 120 countries. “We have a long journey as a company and, if last year was excellent, the current one will be even better,” advanced.

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