Gold medal for the Reconby project of the University of Zaragoza, supported by Certest Biotec.

The Reconby project of 11 Biotechnology and Physics students from the University of Zaragoza has obtained the gold medal in one of the categories of the largest synthetic biology competition at an international level –iGEM- (International Genetically Engineered Machine), with more than 300 participating teams.

The team has achieved the gold medal for its Reconby work, which consists of producing in the laboratory the antibodies that occur naturally in living beings for the treatment of diseases but without the need for recourse to experimental animals. This project has been supported by Certest Biotec, which from the first moment offered its advice, support and information necessary for the proper development of the project.

Due to the pandemic, the final which is usually held in Boston, has been distributed among several venues, one of them the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Zaragoza, which has hosted the presentations of the representatives of the rest of Spanish cities, as well as teams from Greece, Denmark and Taiwan.

Congratulations to the Reconby Team!


Source: Heraldo de Aragón