The construction of the two new buildings has represented an investment of 22 million euros.Latest technologies in energy efficiency have been incorporated, such as geothermal energy, in addition to solar collection panels and electric car chargers.

Certest, a pioneering Aragonese biotechnology company in the development and manufacturing of in vitro diagnostic tests for infectious diseases, is advancing in its expansion with the aim of entering the pharmaceutical sector and promoting a technological platform for the design, synthesis, and delivery of mRNA and oligotherapeutic agents.

The company inaugurated today, in an internal event with the executive team and staff, the new facilities in the town of San Mateo de Gállego, Zaragoza, with two new buildings designed by the architecture firm IDOM.

These new facilities consist of two buildings totaling 16,000 square meters, to incorporate research and development laboratories and new production areas. With the completion of the construction work, it becomes the largest surface area in Spain dedicated to biotechnology.

From an architectural point of view, the project stands out for minimizing its visual impact, thanks to its glazed facade and the use of a perforated envelope in green tones and panels arranged in accordion form to merge with the landscape.

The new facilities are also characterized by their functionality, allowing the assembly and disassembly of laboratories with lightweight panels without affecting or modifying the main building. This enables the rapid creation of new production units or laboratories.

Certest has also committed to sustainability. The two buildings are designed to minimize energy consumption, for which the most advanced technologies in energy efficiency have been incorporated. Among them, geothermal energy stands out, as well as solar collection panels, with an installed capacity of 310 KW; heat recovery and passive strategies for insulation, ventilation, and solar control. Chargers for electric vehicles with a capacity of 247.2 kW have also been installed.

The new Certest facilities have involved an investment of 22 million euros. For 2024, the company will allocate 10 million euros for its equipment, with R&D laboratories, in addition to expanding the warehouses. Certest is one of the largest biotechnology companies in Spain.

Founded in 2002, as an innovative technology-based company, it is present in more than 130 countries. Exports account for 85%.

The company bases its growth on the research and development of new products, as well as on exploring new future market niches. Key to its evolution are its highly qualified human capital – employing about 300 people – and state-of-the-art equipment.