Certest has obtained the 2021 RSA+ Seal of the Aragón Social Responsibility Plan, which complements the 2020 RSA Seal the company already obtained a few months ago, and confirms its commitment to the social principles of awareness, training and transparency that make up the Aragon Social Responsibility Plan.

The company’s actions confirm its clear commitment to a sustainable management model that favors the integration of its different actions, the growth and sustained profitability of the organization and the impact not only on its commercial activity and the environment, but also with its stakeholders. All these efforts have been rewarded with recent external recognitions, such as the 2018 CREA Award for job growth, the Flexible Company Award granted by the Ministry of Health, Consumption and Environment in 2019, or the 2020 Aragón Social Responsibility Seal.

Certest continues to demonstrate its commitment to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals -ODS- of the 2030 Agenda. In the words of Guadalupe del Buey, Head of Human Resources at Certest, “all these milestones increase satisfaction, motivation, contribution and commitment to responsible management by the entire team that makes up Certest Biotec ”.

Certest Biotec’s 2020 RSA Report is available from the web.

Source and more information: www.aragonempresa.com