Last December 3rd, within the framework of the VI Convention of ADEA Directors -Association of Directors and Executives of Aragon-, the ADEA Awards were given to the finalists.

These awards recognize the work of managers, whose job and responsibility is developed in companies located in Aragón for each of the activity areas of the company. There are 11 different categories for which, after receiving proposals from the ADEA partners, business and media organizations, a first selection is made, previously to the finalist list the ADEA commitee release to the public.

Certest Biotec was one of the finalists in the category “Overseas Promotion“.  Óscar Landeta, CEO and founder of the company, received the award and dedicated some words to the public. He marked how the company have been able to reach over 120 countries thanks to the hard work in opening new markets and developing new products.


In the picture, Oscar Landeta during his speech after receiving the award.

With no doubt, 2015 was a good year for Certest Biotec. All efforts in export, innovation and development of new products were rewarded with the prizes Jaime I Awards in the category “Entrepreneur“; Third Millennium to the “Technological Innovation“; Atlas DHL Export Award 2015; and the Aster Best Entrepreneur Award received last November 27th.