On July 15th, the europapress portal published the national alert statement in the Philippines for Dengue, due to the rapid increase of cases of the disease throughout the country, which has reached over 106,000 infected.

It is estimated that 50 million Dengue infections occur each year, and approximately 2.5 million people live in countries where Dengue is endemic.

The main symptoms of infection are fever from 2 to 7 days, usually accompanied by headache, retro-orbital pain, pain in joints, muscles and/or bones, rashes and mild hemorrhagic manifestations.

The diagnostic methods of the disease involve the detection of the virus, viral nucleic acid, antigens or antibodies, or though the combination of these techniques, depending on the stage of the disease. However, the most used diagnostic method is conventional or real-time RT-PCR.

VIASURE Dengue Virus Real Time PCR Detection Kit is designed for the specific identification of Dengue virus in clinical samples from patients with signs and symptoms of virus infection. Once the RNA has been extracted, the complementary DNA is synthesized and amplified by real-time PCR.

More information about the kit, from the VIASURE Dengue Virus product page.

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