Automated solution for Molecular Biology. Nucleic acid extraction and PCR set-up.


The VIASURE V-FLEX system is a new fully automated solution in molecular biology for nucleic acid extraction, purification and PCR set-up from biological matrix and samples.

The instrument has been designed with flexible configuration, in order to meet different user needs.

VIASURE V-Flex optimizes and improves users walk away experience.


  • Fully automated (Up to 96 samples) extraction and PCR set-up.

  • Flexible configuration for different users and requirements.

  • Intuitive-user friendly integrated Software.

  • Configure different VIASURE PCR Kits in one run.

  • DNA/RNA purification from a wide range of samples.

  • Easy and fully traceable sample handling.

  • Full LIS Compatible and integration.

  • Exclusive designed for minimum maintenance.

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