Cutting-edge therapies based on encapsulated nucleic acids

In recent years, medicines based on nucleic acids (DNA or RNA) have demonstrated an exceptional therapeutic potential because of their effectiveness and the rapid development of new products, driven by the versatility of nucleic-acid synthesis platforms. The application of nucleic acids can serve various therapeutic purposes, such as stimulating synthesis of a beneficial protein or, conversely, inhibition of a harmful protein expression.

In nucleic-acid–based therapies, the process of delivery, internalization, and liberation of the nucleic acids into the cytoplasm are crucial to achieve the desirable therapeutic effect. These steps should therefore be considered in the design of new drugs, and this means the development of the active ingredient is equally significant as the final formulation.

This initiative is dedicated to creating a comprehensive platform for the development of nucleic-acid–based therapies and to establishing proprietary technologies for refining formulations for each nucleic acid encapsulated in LNPs. Certest is at the forefront of this pioneering project, and is joined by LevProt BioScience as a valued partner.

This project is co-funded by Government of Aragon within the framework of the programme of grants for enterprises to carry out experimental development and/or industrial research projects in the pharmaceutical sector in Aragon in 2023.


3.002.219 €

Execution period

06/2023 - 09/2025