Certest Biotec, through VIASURE Real Time PCR Detection Kits – Molecular Biology unit-, sponsors the photographic award for Best Scientific Image of the Year organized by the SEBBM -Spanish Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology-.

The both entities signed agreement establishes a prize of 600 euros for the author of the best picture, which will be selected from all those published during the year in the “Gallery” section of the SEBBM website. The prize will also allow part of the winner’s registration, travel and accommodation expenses at the next SEBBM Annual Congress.

Certest Biotec will also sponsor the “Science Gallery” calendars that will be sent to SEBBM members at the end of the year, with the best pictures submitted to the contest.

This action comes in addition to the Certest’s commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals recently adopted as part of the company strategy.

More info and source: https://www.sebbm.es/web/es/noticias-en-portada/4210-certest-biotec-nuevo-patrocinador-del-premio-a-la-mejor-imagen-cientifica-del-ano

Competition rules: https://www.sebbm.es/web/es/congresos/premios-investigacion-sebbm/208-premio-eppendorf-a-la-mejor-imagen-cientifica