Obtaining the Aragón Social Responsibility mark implies the confirmation of Certest Biotec’s commitment to
the social principles of awareness, commitment, training and transparency that make up the Aragón Social
Responsibility Plan.

The Government of Aragon, together with CEOE Aragón, UGT Aragón and CC.OO Aragón signed in
November 2015 the start of the Aragón Social Responsibility Plan, with the aim of promoting Corporate
Social Responsibility in the self-employed, companies and all type of public and private organization of the
Community of Aragon, to that they can implement and apply socially responsible practices.

By obtaining this seal, the company must work on:

• Maximum transparency in management.
• Focus on sustainability of the company and society.
• Respect for employees.
• Apply principles of excellence in management and customer orientation.
• Have a relationship with ethical and responsible suppliers.
• Minimize the impact of the company on its direct environment and the environment.

RSA mark is valid annually, and must be renewed every year. In 2019, 585 organizations received this stamp.
By 2020, the relationship increases to 744, a clear fact that demonstrates the commitment of the Aragonese
business network with good business practices and environmental respect.

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