On July 25th, 26th, and 27th, a new edition of the AACC exhibition, an internationally recognized event in the fields of clinical laboratory, diagnostics and laboratory management, will take place in Anaheim, California. In this edition, over 800 companies will be physically present with exhibition space. It is expected more than 8,000 visitors who will pass through the Anaheim Convention Center. Each participant will invest between 4 and 6 hours in the exhibition area.

True to this appointment for the past eighteen editions, Certest will once again have its own exhibition space, showcasing both its new corporate image and the diagnostic equipment that are part of the VIASURE Complete Solution in the United States for the first time. This combination of products and tools is a perfect match to improve workflow in the molecular diagnostic laboratory. The featured equipment includes the V-Flex and V-lab96 extraction and analysis systems, as well as the V-Smart software for analysis and interpretation of Real-Time PCR assays. Along with the lyophilized Real-Time PCR kits, they form a complete solution that optimizes the laboratory workflow.

VIASURE provides a reliable molecular diagnostic solution from sample to result interpretation.

Within the field of immunodiagnostics, Certest is committed to providing a comprehensive portfolio of diagnostic reagents for the detection of infectious diseases and various markers, covering all needs in terms of format, usage, performance, accuracy, and turnaround time from sample collection to results. The immunodiagnostic solutions include rapid tests, turbidimetry, and CLIA (chemiluminescence).

Certest Raw Materials offers high-quality solutions for the development and manufacturing of IVD assays. With over twenty years of experience in protein expression and purification, monoclonal antibodies, primers, and probes, Certest provides strong support and assurance to clients and partners for their development projects.

Parallel to the exhibition area, the AACC scientific program will include over 250 educational sessions in the form of conferences, symposia, and roundtable discussions, where the latest developments and research conducted by participating companies will be presented. Within the publication space, Certest will present up to 14 explanatory posters featuring the latest research conducted in the field of molecular biology, positioning the company as an active player in generating know-how and scientific content.

Innovation, production capacity, research and talent applied to the diagnosis of infectious diseases and the pharmaceutical field are some of the concepts the Spanish company will showcase in Anaheim, making it an essential event for professionals in the healthcare sector.


🌍  Venue: Anaheim Convention Center, California.

 📍   Certest Booth No. 3055

📅  Dates: July 25th to 27th.