In recent years, many young Aragonese had to emigrate in search of a professional opportunity. Now,
the Government of Aragon has launched the initiative Plan for the Return of the Aragonese Young Talent,
to facilitate the return of Aragonese youth who are outside the territory. Certest Biotec joins this initiative,
offering to be part of the company work team.

The ability of Aragonese companies to generate new positions is fundamental to the goal of bringing
back the talent and knowledge acquired by young people who had to go outside. Certest, as a leading
company and leader in biotechnology applied to the diagnosis of infectious diseases, is a clear example of
a company that bets on young talent as a present and future asset for the development and growth of the
company. The company located in San Mateo de Gállego has 150 employees, with more than 80% formed
by women, and an average age that does not reach 30 years.

Among the objectives of this plan are the improvement of access to work for Aragonese youth who have
had to emigrate due to lack of opportunities, strengthen coordination networks between the different
institutions to prevent the escape of Aragon’s talent, as well as establishing facilities and accompanying
measures beyond the time of the return, to normalize the new situation of returning young people.

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