Certest Biotec now includes Certest CLIA, the new unit for the diagnosis of infectious diseases.

Certest CLIA, a specialist in the development and production of chemo-luminescent reagents to detect both antibodies and antigens, combines the advantages of this technology with the company’s more than 15 years of experience in diagnosing infectious diseases. It also has the added value of having its own R&D, production and marketing process, capable of meeting market demand anywhere on the globe.

The CLIA family includes two diagnostic panels, fecal and respiratory, with reagents for the diagnosis, among others, of SARS-CoV-2, Campylobacter or Helicobacter pylori, available in different formats adaptable to any CLIA analysis equipment. This versatility means positioning itself as an excellent strategic partner, since it can adapt its reagents in Bulk format to any platform.

All the information and contact is already available through the Certest website.

In addition, CLIA will be present in the next MEDLAB Middle East Exhibition at Dubai, from June 21 to 24. All visitors will be able to learn about the advantages, application and possibilities of this new reliable and accurate Certest diagnostic technique.

More information, through www.certest.es/clia