The spread of tropical diseases, especially in Central-South America, Africa, Southeast Asia and the Pacific islands, has sparked alarm among the international community, fearful of the potential danger for the northern hemisphere with the current conditions of global warming that can provide adequate space for the transmitting insects.

Therefore, Zika, Dengue and Chikungunya must be initially included in the differential diagnosis for a patient with suspicious clinical symptoms –fever, headache, skin rash, muscle and join pain, and gastrointestinal symptoms-, who is living in or returning from travel to an endemic area. RT-PCR is a detection method commonly used during the acute phase of the infection. In order to do that, clinical specimens that can be tested including blood, serum, plasma and urine, among others.


VIASURE Zika, Dengue & Chikungunya Real Time PCR Detection Kit is designed for the diagnosis of the viruses in clinical samples. Each well contains all the necessary components for real time PCR assay in a stabilized format that allow transport and storage at room temperature for 24 months from production. Thus, after the amplification reaction, it is possible to distinguish whether the clinical sample presents RNA from Zika, Dengue and/or Chikungunya.

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