The extension of its existing facilities, an investment of 5 million euros, incorporates state-of-the-art laboratories and production and quality control areas, among other units.

Present at the event was the president of the Government of Aragon, Javier Lambán, among other officials.

Certest Biotec, S.L., the Aragon-based leading biotechnology company, opened last May 25th its new facility for the research, development and manufacture of molecular diagnostics products. The work began in 2016 and represents an investment of 5 million euros. The new facility, with a surface area of 4,500 m2, comprises state-of-the-art laboratories, offices, warehouse and production and quality control areas, among others. This step will allow the company to continue to strengthen one of its specialities, molecular biology, and will give it total floorspace of 7,000 m2.

During today’s event, which took place under the motto ‘People building the future’, the company’s founding partners, Carlos Genzor and Óscar Landeta, hosted the president of the Government of Aragon, Javier Lambán; the regional minister for innovation, research and universities, Pilar Alegría, and the mayor of San Matteo de Gállego, José Manuel González, among others.


(Picture: Words during the opening ceremony.)

Certest develops, manufactures and sells a wide range of products for the identification of the agents causing infectious diseases in health facilities, laboratories and hospitals. The company has become a leader in the clinical diagnostics sector by creating simple-to-use products and new technologies, and by extending its distribution network throughout the world. It collaborates with a large number of hospitals and research institutes in Spain and abroad. In Aragon, for instance, the company has established links with the Clínico, Miguel Servet and Calatayud Hospitals, among others.

Certest develops and provides clinical diagnostics products with the highest standards of quality, sensitivity, specificity and reproducibility, allowing the identification of pathogens at early stages of infection. The company is made up of the following business units: Certest bioSCIENCE (biomaterials for immunoassays), Certest Rapid Test (rapid diagnostic tests), Certest Turbilatex (turbidimetric tests for the detection of faecal antigens) and VIASURE Real Time PCR Detection Kits (DNA/RNA fragment detection and magnification).


(In the picture, the visit of the authorities to the new facilities.)

The company holds a licence to manufacture medical devices for in vitro diagnostics issued by the Spanish Agency of Medicines and Medical Devices (AEMPS) and ISO 13485 quality certification. All its products carry the CE seal.