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A quantitative immunological latex method.

FOB  ·  Calprotectin  ·  Transferrin  ·  H. pylori


The turbidimetric assay is based on the agglutination reaction between latex particles coated with antibody and the antigen in solution.

Turbilatex reagents are developed to obtain a high sensitivity detection method.


The intended use of Turbilatex products is to detect and quantify the antigen present in human stool samples.


Turbilatex® products offer:


· High quality and reliability.

Concentration of the specific antigen will be determined with high accuracy.

· Usefulness.

The high level of automation of the assay allows for optimal throughput.

· Clearness.

The simplicity of the reaction implies low technical manipulation and easy interpretation by clinical technicians.

· Easy sampling.

It’s a complete system from sampling to results, starting and finishing with the patient.

· Automatism.

User interpretation is not needed.

· Adaptable.

Turbilatex reagents work with any equipment.



Download: CerTest Turbilatex Catalogue (,pdf 1.036 Kb)


Available CerTest Turbilatex video:

· CerTest Turbilatex (English version).

· CerTest Turbilatex (Spanish version with English subs).


Available products:

DescriptionSpecimen TypeMethodDetails
FOB TurbilatexFecalTurbidimetry
Calprotectin TurbilatexFecalTurbidimetry
Transferrin TurbilatexFecalTurbidimetry
H. pylori TurbilatexFecalTurbidimetry