Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) has different clinical forms which may affect the whole digestive tract, but more often the colon and rectum. Its importance lies in the levels of chronicity, the frequency of relapses, hospital admissions and a not insignificant risk of bowl cancer.

CerTest Calprotectin Turbilatex is a non-invasive immunological assay which quantifies the calprotectin present in human feces. This simple test is able to provide quick, reliable information about the condition of the patient’s inflammatory process.


Sensitivity (%)
Specificity (%)
> 99
Cut-off value (in dilution)
500 ng/mL
Cut-off value (in faeces)
50 μg/g
Main interferences


In addition, the incidence of the disease is clearly rising all over the world. Therefore, the use of a rapid, simple and non-invasive diagnostic tool is of great interest for the physician.

Calprotectin is a protein present in the neutrophils, which appears in high concentrations in any tissue which is experiencing an inflammatory process. In the case of patients with inflammatory bowel disease, this protein can be detected in patient feces. The protein has a high resistance to degradation, making it stable in the fecal content.

Numerous studies support the use of this marker as a diagnostic and monitoring tool for inflammatory bowel disease and severe illnesses, such as Ulcerative Colitis (UC), Crohn’s disease and indeterminate colitis. It has also been considered as an initial screening method for patients with chronic diarrhea.

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