Design and development of a medicine platform with a 5P approach (predictive, preventive, personalised, participatory and population-based) through massive sequencing (NGS).

The aid is announced by the DEPARTMENT OF ECONOMY, PLANNING AND EMPLOYMENT of the Government of Aragon.

It is a "Line of aid for companies to carry out business projects in Aragon with experimental development and/or industrial research in the field of the pharmaceutical sector".

NGS (Next Generation Sequencing) and bioinformatics are tools that enable the generation of more accurate protocols adapted to the patient for diagnosis, prognosis and/or treatment, allowing a 5P Medicine approach and representing a revolution in certain diseases.

Certest Biotec leads this pioneering project whose main objective is the development and implementation of a technology that allows the design and development of a versatile and flexible platform for personalised medicine that covers the entire value chain, from sample processing to the interpretation of the results through massive sequencing technology (NGS) and bioinformatics. The combination of patient genome sequencing and data analysis will be key elements to offer better diagnoses, prognoses and precision therapies, based on information from the patient's own genome and specific environmental factors, as well as providing healthcare systems with cutting-edge technological and bioinformatics resources to face any challenge in the field of genomics.

Project budget

1,768,401.00 € (amount granted: 644,089.50€)

Project Execution Date

September 2022 - September 2024