About Us


Certest Biotec, S.L. is an independent biotechnology company devoted to the development and manufacturing of IVD diagnostic products in human clinical field. Our Rapid Test are based in a fast, reliable and easy-interpretation process. In addition, VIASURE contains a wide range of products for Real Time PCR that allow to identify the causal pathogens of the infectious diseases in physicians’ offices, labs and hospitals.

The company was established in Zaragoza in 2002 as an innovative and technology-based company. The company’s growth is based on the development of new products and the exploration for new market niches and opportunities. The key to understand its success is the way to understand its organization: highly specialised and customer-oriented based.

Mission, Vision, Values and Human Team


To develop, produce and market a wide range of innovative solutions and quality in vitro diagnostics for the detection of viruses, bacteria and parasites.


Being the international leader company in research and development for in vitro diagnostic solutions, increasing our distribution network through added value creation and company-customer trust.


Customer orientation · Ethical behaviour · Teamwork · Continuous research and innovation ·

Trained and motivated team · Quality and creativity in all processes

Human team

The multi-skilled team is a dedicated and experience professional group responsible for dealing with all the different company activities in an international environment. Commitment to Innovation, Export and High-Technology.

Distribution Network

Any question about distribution? Don’t hesitate to ask!

Quality Assurance

Certest’s Quality System has been certified with ISO 13485.

One of the main objectives of Certest is to achieve customer satisfaction. For this, the management of the company ensures that customer requirements are determined and reviewed, identifying their needs and expectations, and translating them into requirements, all in order to maintain customer satisfaction.


See/Download the Certest Biotec ISO Standard Certification (.pdf 459 kB)

Certest Policy is consistent with its primary purpose, that of getting to all its products and services, quality and reliability, meeting the requirements and maintaining the effectiveness of the management system.


An area of more than 2,000m2 of usable ground and the possibility of expanding in more than 8,000m2, Certest Biotec new premises are designed for energy efficiency.

Our facilities are divided into 5 different areas:

· Laboratories for R & D, Production and Quality Control.

· Production-Conditioning: Room assembly and packaging.

· Warehouse.

· Offices.

· Auxiliary areas.