VIASURE Real Time PCR Detection Kits

Dientamoeba fragilis


VIASURE Dientamoeba fragilis Real Time PCR Detection Kit is designed for specific identification of Dientamoeba fragilis in human stool samples from patients with signs and symptoms of Dientamoeba fragilis infection.

This test is intended for use as an aid in the diagnosis of Dientamoeba fragilis infection in combination with clinical and epidemiological risk factors.

DNA is extracted from stool specimens, multiplied using Real Time amplification and detected using specific primers and a fluorescent reporter dye probe for Dientamoeba fragilis.


Real Time PCR
Specimen Type
Human stool samples
Storage up to
(From production) 2
Storage temperature
(Also transport) Room temperature -


Initially classify as an amoeba, Dientamoeba fragilis is actually a protozoan parasite that belongs to the Trichonomad order. It has been associated with gastrointestinal disease worldwide showing symptoms as diarrhea, loose stools and abdominal pain with a highly variable incidence, ranging from 1.1 to 20%. Its transmission mode remains unclear, and both faecal-oral route and vector transmission have been suggested.


Despite the frequency of D. fragilis presence, it is still neglected as a significant pathogen due to the lack of a routinely diagnostic in many laboratories. Detection of D. fragilis trophozoites on the permanent stained smear is the current standard. Trophozoites range from 5 to 15 μm in length, 9 to 12 μm in width, and contain 1 to 2 characteristically fragmented nuclei, but because of the “fragile” nature of the organism diagnosis is often only possible by experienced technologists, leading to many potentially missed infections.

Recently, PCR-based diagnostic methods have been developed for diagnosis of D. fragilis, showing at least a three-fold sensitivity increase compared to permanent stained smears.

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