VIASURE Extraction kit

VIASURE DNA/RNA Pathogen Extraction Kit

Extract from various biological samples: swabs, saliva, sputum, bronchoalveolar lavages, fecal and urine samples.

Based on magnetic particles, which allows its automation for high throughput analysis, reducing hands-on-time and improving reproducibility.

The extraction kit has been optimized for two type of magnetic separation methods: VIASURE V-Flex and KingFisher® Flex (other platforms ongoing).


Liquid handling platform

Open Format
Magnetic beads handling platform


  • Technology
    Magnetic beads

  • Sample material
    Swabs, saliva, sputum, feces, and urine. Compatible with inactivating transport buffers including guanidine salts

  • Sample/Elution volume
    volume 200 μl/ 100 μl

  • Target molecules
    Viral, bacterial, parasitic and fungal DNA and RNA

  • Compatible platforms
    VIASURE V-Flex System and KingFisher ® Flex

  • Formats
    VIASURE V-Flex System Cartridges x 96 preps Open Format bottles x 96 preps


Adaptable for high and low throughputs.

Simultaneous processing of different kind of clinical samples.

Simultaneous processing of various potential infectious diseases.

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