Campylobacter AG


CerTest CLIA Campy Plate is an antigen detection product.

Quantitative detection of Campylobacter jejuni bacteria antigen in human stool sample is possible with our plates.

CLIA technique is more sensitive that other immunological techniques, which is a great advantage in the rapid and accurate diagnosis of infectious diseases.

Gastric infectious caused by C. jejuni is the first cause of diarrea in developed countries. C. jejuni is commonly associated with poultry, and is also commonly found in animal feces. Number of cases do not stop increasing, even when food legacy is getting more restricted.

Infection with C. jejuni usually results in enteritis, which is characterised by abdominal pain, diarrhea, fever, an malaise. Fortunately, it does respond to antibiotics.

That is why an early detection of this pathogen with CerTest CLIA Campy can help the patient with a sooner and effective treatment.

CerTest CLIA SARS-COV-2 Ag particles are:

  • Accurate. CerTest CLIA technology is high accurate.
  • Adaptable to any CLIA plate analyzer.
  • Saving time and low manipulation. Plate, reagent, and samples are placed directly on the analyzer. No manipulation from technician is needed.
  • Easy interpretation. Positive or negative result will be programmed. Total RLUs will also be shown, so quantitative interpretation is possible.


Formato de ensayo
96 Well plates
Tipo de quimioluminiscencia
Fase sólida y conjugada
High specific monoclonals, developed by CerTest Biotec, S.L.
HRP label antibody
Liquid and stable, ready to use

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