Raw materials for life science and immunoassays

Monoclonal antibodies  ·  Native and recombinant antigens  ·  Molecular biology enzymes


Specialized on a fecal and respiratory panel, since 2002, CerTest bioSCIENCE provides more than 100 different products for infectious diseases, tumor and inflammatory markers, and molecular biology.

Monoclonal antibodies with high sensitivity and specificity by using high stable and pure immunogens and in-house improved screening.

Liquid recombinant proteins with high purity and stability, through a process of clonation, expression, multi-step purification and buffer optimization.

Native antigens -inactivated- comprising a wide variety of bacteria.

Molecular biology enzymes with high specific activity and high stability, with and w/o glycerol. Suitable for qPCR and RT-qPCR.


Our expertise is to develop accurate and reliable products to improve your diagnostic assays.



· High standards of quality

· Dedicated R&D and manufacturing staff: we support your specific needs.

· Large scale production: from miligrams up to grams.

· Technical support: experienced and specialized team.

· Worldwide experience: accurate global deliveries.



Download: CerTest bioSCIENCE Catalogue (.pdf 1,48 Mb)